As a teacher I give piano courses at different levels. On this page you can find an overview of these courses.


Piano lessons for adults

Thanks to my extensive experience as a teacher and pianist, I know how important an individual approach is. Every pupil is different, so for me each lesson requires a new approach and approach. Of course there are also things that I find important for everyone, such as attention to a fluent technique, expression and insight into the composition. I would like to help find an effective way of studying, making practice a great pleasure, and not a necessary evil. It is my goal to let a student play in a relaxed manner, free of technical problems and with insight and feeling.

Regarding the repertoire; from my experience as a player, my heart lies in a broad repertoire from baroque to contemporary music. Of course I like it when pupils express their own preferences, choose their own repertoire and take them to class. But I also want to help students to develop as completely as possible, and I am therefore often looking for new and exciting repertoire for the pupil.

Most of my students are adults who have often had piano lessons in their youth. Many of them know how to reach a good level despite busy jobs / studies and possibly family. Twice a year I organize a festive student concert in the Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam.
Studio Edward Janning is located in the center of Amsterdam, near the Leidseplein and is easily accessible by public transport.

Interested? Feel free to contact us for an introduction.


Course of study tecniques

Of course, piano lessons are often inspiring and you get a lot of useful information about how you can interpret the works that you study. But what happens on the wings of inspiration and concentration during the lesson is sometimes difficult to recall when you are sitting at home alone at home.

Especially for this, I have developed a course of study techniques that will enable you to study independently and in a positive way. Studying is, when done in a good way, not a necessary evil, but one of the finest things to do.

During the course of study techniques, which consists of five individual lessons, various strategies are discussed and put into practice so that your confidence in studying will increase and your playing pleasure will become even greater.

After a course of study techniques you will always look forward to the next time you can study!

Participants of all levels can participate in this course. This course is highly recommended for anyone who plays an instrument!

Costs: € 300 (excluding VAT)
Times: To be determined in consultation.


Course 'Technique for advanced players'

Often experienced players notice that they are technically opposed to a limit that prevents them from being able to play freely and without problems. Especially for this group, based on more than 20 years of research and experience, I have developed a course that traces the source of these obstacles, analyzes them and offers a new perspective.

In five lessons I discuss different concepts concerning the piano, body posture and muscle control. These terms consist of things that are valid for everyone (for example, the functioning of the piano mechanism), but also elements that are precisely attuned to the person. With the help of a number of simple exercises, I familiarize the student with a deeper insight into the physical approach of the keyboard. These exercises increase the sensitivity with regard to the sense of touch and the listening to the sound. I am not in favor of breaking down existing structures with a student; I prefer to build a new structure from which the student can extend his already existing control of the instrument.

The piano technique for advanced students is a positive experience that increases the insight into your own possibilities and gives you access to the independent further development of technical skills. Became curious? Call or email without obligation for more information.

Costs: € 300 (excluding VAT)
Times: To be determined in consultation.


Chamber music / ensemble coaching

Making music together is very special to do; it is often exciting, always different and inspiring. There is also a fantastic repertoire for all kinds of ensembles and in all kinds of styles. In my own practice as a musician, making chamber music is an important part. I am glad that I regularly have the opportunity to work together with high-level musicians. The experience I gained as a chamber music player at home and abroad is the basis for the coaching I give to various ensembles. Usually, piano is part of the ensembles, but that is not necessary.

In coaching I work on the expression, mutual communication and insight into the structure and style of the composition. I would like to give the enthusiasm I feel for this form of music to the ensemble. If you want to experience how that goes with your ensemble, please contact us!

Costs: € 30 per participant
Times: In consultation